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Amazon wants shoppers to buy less

Increasing order volume and operational complications may be forcing Amazon to move away from features and promotions that drive sales.

It may take more than two months for Amazon to fulfill orders in all categories, instead of in one or two days, as it did prior to the pandemic, which likely led it to make temporary changes to its platform, reports Business Insider.

  • Amazon has removed features that recommend products to consumers, which could lead shoppers to order fewer items.
  • Amazon reportedly won’t run promotions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, in addition to postponing Prime Day, which could avoid further increases to its order volume.

While these efforts will surely cut into Amazon’s sales, they may help it get its operations in order faster, which could help it avoid suspending its business in more markets. Cutting down order volume may allow Amazon to focus more resources on setting up its operations so it can handle all essential and nonessential orders it receives in a timely manner, and do so safely.

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