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Sourcing solutions in China by FBAHELP

FBAHELP provides a set of supplier searching services in China for Amazon FBA sellers. It involves the following steps:

Market research

We start searching for suppliers with the market analysis. According to the specified product characteristics we examine available options on Chinese B2B and B2C marketplaces, such as 1688, Taobao, Alibaba, Made-in-China, etc., and find potential suppliers. We verify necessary details concerning the manufacturing process, approximate production costs, sample delivery times and the possibility to perform the factory audit. On this basis we make the list of suppliers matching your requirements. The whole process takes about two weeks.

LIVE samples inspection

We will inspect your samples in China, so that you can assess the quality and characteristics of the product you are interested in without having to wait until the sample arrives to your country. Saves time and money for express delivery.

We perform samples inspection in LIVE format with your remote presence, using WeChat application. All the photo and video data, as well as the inspector’s comments, are stored in your phone after the inspection.

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LIVE Factory audit

Factory audit is one of the crucial phases of searching for the right supplier in China. It includes the inspection of production capacities, techniques and the analysis of the manufacturing process.

It is the most effective way to assess the capabilities of the manufacturer and possibilities for future cooperation.

On the basis of samples inspection and factory audit results we can prepare an annex to the contract with the supplier. It will indicate potential defects, quality tolerances and terms of acceptance to pass the QC inspection. In Chinese realities this document proves to be very useful for Amazon FBA sellers.

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LIVE pre-shipment inspection

It is the most reliable way to make sure that the quality of the ordered goods will meet your expectations. Just as important, it helps to identify potential defects, low quality, inappropriate packaging before the arrival of your goods to Amazon warehouses. We also inspect the shipment for full compliance with Amazon FBA standards.

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Logistics services

We provide full assistance in solving any issues, that may occur during the transportation of the goods from the origin pickup point to Amazon FBA warehouse destination.

We develop the best delivery method in terms of transit time/shipping costs according to your requirements, and cooperate with the chosen transport company on your behalf.

We assume full responsibility for customs clearance and conduct negotiations for compensation with the transport company in case of damage or loss of the goods.

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This service package is designed to meet the needs of Amazon FBA sellers. We will help you find reliable suppliers in China, capable of producing goods of the required quality and quantity.

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