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Product inspection in China

LIVE product inspection allows you to take full control over the inspection process.

  • Providing photos and videos in real time throughout the course of the inspection.
  • Detailed examination of the appearance, functionality and packaging of the goods.
  • Identifying conformity/non-conformity between the actual quality of the produced goods and stated requirements (if any) or customer’s expectations, based on the random check of the products from the batch.
  • Actual weight and dimensions measurements of the shipment.
  • Inspection network, covering all major industrial regions in China.
  • Personal manager

Prices start from


/ inspection

Price may vary on a city where inspection take place.

See map

Samples inspection in China

  • Up to one online working hour of an inspector.
  • Photo/video/audio report.
  • Each additional working hour will be charged 25 USD extra.
  • The consolidation service price is 50 USD (including 5 samples or sets, every additional item is +5$) + discounted shipping costs.

10$ discount if you choose both samples inspection and consolidation.

Individual inspector


/ hour

Each additional working hour will be charged 25 USD extra

Logistics services

  • Choosing the best possible delivery method in terms of transit time and service costs, based on your requirements.
  • Checking the shipment for compliance with Amazon FBA requirements.
  • Supervising all transportation stages from the pickup point to the Amazon warehouse destination.
  • Providing information about the current status of your shipment.
  • Full responsibility for customs clearance procedure.

Fixed price


/ per order

Cargo insurance

extended liability services


/ declared value

No additional fees

You also get 10% discount if you order 4 or more inspections

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