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Video resources

Goods Inspection in China for Amazon FBA Seller.

Follow a foreign inspector into a heart of umbrella production line in China .
See how to check quality of your goods or perform Chinese factory audit in new online format with your virtual participation

Inspection Service in China for Amazon FBA

This video briefly describes the process of performing a quality control inspection by FBAHELP for products purchased through Alibaba Trade Assurance for Amazon FBA The inspection is done in LIVE mode

$500 for Amazon Sellers World Conference in BKK

This is a short overview of a full day intensive Sellers World conference for Amazon sellers in Bangkok 06.12.19. (Pls watch with subtitles on)

The main question answered – is it worth 500 USD to attend?


QC inspectors at Qima conference in Hong Kong

Qima (former AsianInspection) is a leading company in quality control inspection services for corporate segment. It held the annual conference on 17.10.2019 in Hong Kong.

How to Unblock Wechat account

In this video we show you how to unblock your newly created WeChat account. WeChat accounts can be blocked due to a number of reasons.

How to Calculate Volume Weight & CBM.

This video explains:
– The formulas to calculate volume weight / CBM for different shipping methods (DHL express, UPS, Airfreight, Sea Shipping).

How Chinese Forwarders Estimate Shipping Cost for Volume Weight Goods

Why volume weight increases after pick by a forwarder when goods are shipped from China to Amazon FBA warehouses.
Dimensional weight calculation formulas used for express, air freight and sea shipping.

How Alibaba Trade Assurance Contract is Drafted in 2 mins

What Alibaba supplier needs to do to draft a Trade Assurance contract in his account on the platform.
What needs to be done by a supplier to get access to the payment for the order.

How to book a foreign Inspector within 24 h notice.

Guidelines for booking pre-shipment third party quality inspection in the supplier`s premises in Asia.