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FBAHELP Co. was established in 2016 in Hong Kong with the head office in Huizhou city, China.

​FBAHELP provides one-stop solutions for Amazon sellers

Business on Amazon is a highly competitive environment, demanding a great deal of effort and energy.

In order to sustain competition and reach high sales, you need to take a lot of things into your own hands: monitor the quality of your product, control every production stage and negotiate all the details with the supplier, often being in a different country.

In other words – you are basically required to be at two places at the same time.

We have developed a special range of services to make it possible: you will be sure that the quality of your goods matches your expectations and that they are safely delivered to Amazon warehouses.

​Taking quality control to the Next Level

Quality Control is essential for a successful Amazon business, and we have designed our own QC method specifically for this sphere – LIVE inspections. You can participate in the inspection yourself if such a need arises, and respond quickly to any potential problems with your shipment from anywhere in the world.

Our main goal is not just to state the percentage of defects in a written report, but to correct them on site and avoid their recurrence in future orders.

Western management and mentality
We perfectly understand your quality requirements and will make them clear to the supplier. We will also provide the opportunity for direct communication with the supplier during the inspection.

Full range of logistics services

FBAHELP takes full responsibility for the delivery of your goods to Amazon warehouses around the world and provides full assistance in solving any issues that may occur in the process.

We minimize your risks and help increase your profits.

We value Quality

in every sense of the word. And we employ individual approach to each client. This is the basis for all the services we provide.

Our mission

is to give you complete information about the product before it leaves the factory. High quality always leads to positive reviews from your customers.

Our vision

is to be the benchmark in Quality control for E-commerce.

We bring U to qUality

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