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LIVE pre-shipment inspections in China

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LIVE pre-shipment inspections in China

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Main benefits of LIVE inspections

Detailed information about the quality and characteristics of the product, provided in real time.

You will be able to communicate with the inspector via a messenger application and receive photos and videos showing the appearance, functionality and packaging of the goods in real time.

Opportunity to respond quickly to any potential problem with your shipment.

Communication with the inspector and the supplier allows to address potential problems with defects, low quality, inappropriate packaging on the spot. It saves time and speeds up the delivery of your goods to Amazon warehouses.

Flexible inspection model

You can participate in the inspection and focus on any detail concerning the shipment, or join in only to make some key decisions concerning the product.

Why choose FBAHELP?

We perform QC inspections in LIVE format, providing complete information about the quality of your goods in real time



Possibility to arrange an inspection within 24 hours in all major production regions



Detailed information about the quality and characteristics of the product, provided in real time



Possibility to control the inspection process via a messenger application


Ease of communication

European inspectors, who share your mindset and perfectly understand your quality requirements

Inspection Framework

Inspection request

Register on our website and submit an inspection request, stating the supplier’s contact details. We negotiate the date and all the necessary details with the supplier. After that you only have to confirm the request.

Arrival at the factory

Upon arrival at the factory the inspector makes photos of the production site, meets your manager and the head of the factory (if possible). After that he examines the shipment for compliance with Amazon standards – the presence of all the necessary labels, barcodes, the dimensions, weight and quality of the cartons.

Product examination

One packed product is randomly taken from one of the boxes for close examination. You receive detailed photos and videos, showing its appearance, functionality and packaging via a messenger app.

Random check

The percentage of inspected items is determined by AQL standards and depends on the total quantity and technical complexity of the goods. Normally the inspection of 5-10% is enough to draw a conclusion about the overall quality of the goods.

Summing up

After the inspection is complete, we provide you with the overall results and negotiate all the details concerning the correction of defects with the supplier (if necessary)

An inspection can be arranged within 24 hours in all major production regions in China

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You can get detailed information on inspection prices in your city by signing up in our WebApp and submitting an inspection request.

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Get your inspection in under 24 hours

We have conducted more than 3000 inspections in China, India, South Korea and Thailand over the past three years and worked out a highly effective quality control method.

Seth Kniep about LIVE inspection service by FBAHELP

The optimal time to organize an inspection

We suggest to perform the inspection when the goods are ready for shipment and before 70% payment is made (in case you work with the supplier on regular terms (30%-70%).

The benefits are obvious: the supplier doesn’t receive payment until the inspection is performed and he is motivated to eliminate all the defects as quickly as possible.

Feedback from our clients

Super professional service! They did a fantastic job and helped me with my first inspection. The customer service is exceptional.

Giacomo Parro

FBAHELP team is super professional! Always doing a great job and offer variety of services. Super recommended.

Noa Azulay

Exceptional service! Inspector acted as extension of my company and not just someone there to ‘check the boxes’. Will absolutely do business again and already recommended to colleagues.

Brian Khou

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