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Buy wholesale from 1688.com

Save up to 10-20%
on wholesale orders from China

Purchasing, sourcing and shipping from 1688.com

Test new niches. Launch sales faster and cheaper

Expand your business

Product Variety

Find unique products from suppliers not present on Alibaba


Order samples from different suppliers at wholesale prices without further negotiations

Transparent pricing

Compare prices from different suppliers and negotiate all the details via built-in chat

Start working with suppliers in China

Minimum MOQ

Order smaller batches to test a niche or launch a new product

Wholesale prices

Save up to 10-20% on the same products as compared to Alibaba

Easy to order

Place an order without any additional negotiations with suppliers

How to buy wholesale from 1688?

Account registration

You need to register an account on 1688 to place an order and communicate with suppliers.

Paying your supplier

It is only possible to pay a supplier on 1688 via Alipay or China bank account in RMB

International shipping

Suppliers on 1688.com only ship within China. You will need a freight forwarder to arrange a cross-border shipment.

Our solutions

We will register your personal account on 1688.com and find the required suppliers for you.

We will pay your supplier on 1688 from our Alipay account. Just use the function “Find someone to pay” while submitting payment and send us the link.

We will deliver your goods to our warehouse in China and make all the necessary arrangements for international shipping.

Choose only the services you really need

Buy wholesale from 1688.com in just 24 hours
No MOQ limits

Service price – 5% of the transfer amount (via Payoneer, WISE, Paypal or bank transfer)

Warehouse services

  • Quality Inspection (visual check for defects): 0.5$ – 1$ per unit
  • Labeling: 0.15$ per label
  • Sample inspection: 15$ per sample (extensive tests for electronic devices – 50$ per 3 units)

Cargo consolidation

  • Product bundling: 0.3$ for 2 units (+0.1$ per extra unit)
  • Change Shipping box: 2$ per box
  • Custom packaging: from 0.3$ per unit

1688 account registration

Service price – 50$

International shipping

Shipping costs depend on the order volume and destination country

FBAHELP services in China

Product inspection

Supplier audit

Supplier sourcing

Production launch

Logistics services

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