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Amazon Communication Policy update: What sellers need to know?

Amazon has recently updated its Communication Guidelines. Sellers are required to follow them for any communication with buyers.

You can see the full details here.

What does this mean for Amazon sellers in a nutshell?

  • No manipulative language

There are a few instances in which Amazon tells sellers not to use manipulative language, such as in email subject lines (ie. writing “Important!” when it’s not), or when requesting reviews in product inserts.

  • No marketing or promotional messaging

Amazon does not want its sellers using the messaging system as an opportunity to resell a customer, even if it’s to another listing on Amazon.

  • No spamming customers

Amazon is now limiting the number of messages that FBA sellers can send to their customers following a sale. According to the guidelines above, a seller can only send one request for a review or product feedback.

Note, too, that this can be done through Amazon’s new “Request a Review” button. It triggers a message from Amazon on your behalf to request a product review and seller.

  • No off-Amazon links

Links and attachments not needed to make a sale are forbidden, as are links in your brand’s logo (although the brand logo itself is fine).

  • No asking for review removals/changes

If a customer leaves a negative review, you can’t ask for them to change it, even if you address the issue.

What happens if you break the rules?

If you fail to comply with Amazon Communication Guidelines, your ability to send proactive Permitted Messages may be limited. Your selling privileges may be suspended. Amazon can block any message at its discretion and may modify subject lines to protect the buyer experience.

What to expect?

Since late 2016, Amazon has made major moves to prevent sellers from manipulating its system, especially in regards to product reviews.

By limiting the number of messages that sellers can send and prohibiting certain communication practices, it would appear that Amazon isn’t done. This may even eventually lead to Amazon completely disbanding the seller messaging system altogether; he introduction of such tools as the “Request a Review” button seems to be pointing that way.

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