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“All the Chinese look the same”

One of common stereotypes about Chinese people is that they all look the same. The reason is that all Asians share some typical traits in appearance – black hair, dark narrow eyes, distinctive face shape and low height. On the contrary, in the West there is much more diversity in terms of hair and skin color, body shape, height, etc.

Of course, it doesn’t make Chinese people look totally the same, but such similar Asian traits make it harder for Europeans to distinguish one Chinese person from another.

Actually, Europeans also look the same for the Chinese, as long as it doesn’t involve money. When it does, they can easily distinguish between two identical twins, which leads us the next stereotype:

“The Chinese are very hardworking”

That’s not entirely true. Yes, the Chinese do work hard, given the right motivation. And the motivation is money. The thing is that people in China place great emphasis on social status. Their lives basically revolve around how much you earn and how much you can spend.


Another curious detail about people in China is their form of behavior in public. This is particularly evident among Chinese tourists abroad – they always travel in large and noisy groups. Sometimes it becomes so apparent, that you can’t help thinking that they are all linked to a hivemind.

The reason for such willingness to stay together is closely associated with collectivism – Chinese main life philosophy. Another reason is the limited personal space, which is the case for any country with high population density. Plus, the majority of the Chinese do not speak English, that’s why they are much more comfortable being together and with their guide.

“The Chinese do not speak English”

This is not a stereotype, but a fact. Only a small portion of the population is able to speak English, even at the basic level. Many Europeans, coming to China for the first time, face such a serious language barrier, that it makes them literally disoriented at first.

However, among younger Chinese it is very popular to take Western nicknames.  Some people go straight for names of famous characters, like Spiderman, Optimus or even Superman-Batman. And the number of Harrys and Potters is literally uncountable.