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We wish all our clients, partners and colleagues Happy New Year!!

On this occasion, we would like to share with you some more curious facts about China and its people.

Despite the fact, that the 1st of January is the official holiday in China, it has much less meaning in comparison with the West. The Chinese have their own New Year, celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig. In Chinese culture the pig is the symbol of wealth and well-being. Traditional wedding jewelry is made in a form of a pig, for example. This symbolism is reflected in the language as well.

The complex hieroglyph 家 (jia) – “family” consists of two simple hieroglyphs – “pig” and “roof”. The pig under the roof symbolizes home and family. Kinship ties are very strong in China, even a group of colleagues is often called 大家 (da jia) – “big family”.

FBAHELP wishes you all the best and every success in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!

祝大家新年快乐! (zhu da jia xin nian kuai le)