There are about 500 types of slot games at Bruno Casino. Although it is quite small, it seems that new slots are being added one after another, so I am looking forward to the future. You can still play games from major providers like Play'n Go and Pragmatic Play , as well as popular providers like Golden Hero and Relax , so maybe that's enough for now. But after all, I would be happy if it was a little more fulfilling. I have Money Train 2, but I don't have. I want to play the latest games too. You can check the RTP from the information screen of the game. From what I've seen in a few games, it seems to be set to the highest setting.

Bruno Online Reliability Reviews and Reputation

When asked how they felt about the reliability and safety of Bruno Casino, they said: Among the players of Bruno Casino, there were several people who said, "Being a major player was the decisive factor in registering." Bruno Casino is licensed by the Curacao government, so there is no illegality in the operation itself. It will be one of the reassuring materials that have undergone a strict examination bruno online when obtaining a license. In fact, even in this survey, there were many voices saying, "I can't win at the game," but there were opinions such as "I can lose because it's gambling" and "I'm lucky, so even if I lose, I play at my own risk." We did not see anything that could be suspected of fraud.

The first deposit bonus you are interested in

Bruno Casino new player bonus is uniquely high, up to 200,000 AUD. Most on-casinos offer up to $200-$500, and even Bruno Casino, known for its substantial bonuses, offers $1000. Bruno Casino is recommended for those who want to get a large bonus and play a lot. Furthermore, the bonus can be received up to the 5th deposit, which makes the total bonus amount 395,000 AUD when received to its maximum. The percentages and maximum bonus amounts are as follows

  • Initial deposit 100%-200%.
  • 100% of the deposit amount - up to 200,000 AUD (Deposit amount 50000 AUD or more)
  • 150% of deposit amount - up to 30000 AUD (deposit amount 5000 AUD to 499999 AUD)
  • 200% of deposit amount - up to 5000 AUD (deposit amount from 2000 AUD to 4999 AUD)
  • 2nd to 5th deposit 25% to 100%.
  • 2nd - 100% of deposit amount, up to 30000 AUD (minimum deposit of 4000 AUD)
  • 3rd - 50% of deposit, up to 40000 AUD (minimum deposit of 5000 AUD)
  • 4th - 50% of deposit, up to 50000 AUD (minimum deposit of 5000 AUD)
  • 5th - 25% of deposit amount, up to 75,000 AUD (minimum deposit of 5,000 AUD)
  • In addition, you will receive a total of 200 free spins on the slots.

Bruno Casino bonuses have "wagering requirements" as a condition of receiving them. Please be sure to check the terms and conditions when receiving bonuses.

This time, it was Bruno Casino that had good results by far

Free spins occur frequently, and it seems that the fact that only Ultimate Rush came out has an effect. It has temporarily reached double the balance of the military fund, and it can be said that it is a slot with explosive power. Bruno Casino had a good start, but in the end it ended with a negative balance. The result is an image that is neither good nor bad, and the win-and-run points are up to $365. Is it the reason for the defeat that the continuation rate of free spins was bad despite the large number of "RESPIN" ?

Bruno Casino bonus

Bruno Casino offers the following bonuses:

  • Welcome cashback up to $500
  • Bonuses earned in free quests that can be participated every week

In the free quest, you can choose either spin credits that can be used in Evolution Gaming, where the winning money is cash with 1x wagering requirements, or spin credits that can be used in your favorite slot, which is a bonus with 20x wagering requirements. The standard bonus wagering requirement is 30 times the bonus amount.

Bruno Casino slots

Bruno Casino offers 2,422 different slot games. The top page can be listed in the following categories.

  • popular games
  • New appearance
  • Rogue
  • Exclusive to Bruno Casino
  • pachislot style
  • very popular slot
  • With bonus purchase function
  • jackpot king
  • daily jackpot
  • jackpot

Cashback Bonus

Online casino cashback bonuses are almost the same as point redemption systems such as Amazon and Rakuten. It will be a system that will be cash back only for the amount you use. Be sure to check the cashback terms and conditions as they vary from casino to casino. If the deposited amount is less than $1 within 72 hours after applying for the bonus, you can get 65% cashback of the deposited amount. Moreover, the wagering requirement is 0x, so you can withdraw as is!

  • live casino house bonus
  • Live Casino House offers the following bonuses:
  • Up to $800 deposit bonus (up to 3 times)
  • Refer a friend bonus up to $100
  • weekly cashback
  • The wagering requirement for the bonus is 30 times the bonus amount.
  • live casino house slots

The slot game home page lists 9 game providers and sorts them into the following categories:

  • fruit and candy
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • megaways

There are no other sorting features, and you can list by game provider.

Bruno Casino bonus

Bruno Casino offers the following bonuses:

  • First deposit cashback up to $500
  • instant cashback

Both are received as cash without wagering requirements, so you can withdraw them as they are.

Bruno Casino slots

Bruno Casino does not have a 'Slots' category, it lists all games. Game Search can be displayed in the following categories:

  • new games
  • Staff recommendation
  • hot cash back
  • pachislot system
  • With bonus purchase function

You can also select some game providers from the list and view them by provider. Free spins are important for earning extra chili slots! Extra chili slots allow you to stack up a lot of payouts by chaining small wins during free spins.

How to enter Free Spins at bruno casino

Extra Chili's free spins winning method is a bit different than regular bruno casino slots . In order to enter the free spin, it is necessary to stop the "H", "O", and "T" pattern scatters on the screen. You can get 8 free spins at first, and you can get 4 or 8 additional free spins by stopping the "BTG" symbol during the free spins.