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Quality control inspection services by FBAHELP

FBAHELP provides quality control inspection service of a wide range of products in China, including Mobile accessories .

Mobile accessories inspection often requires the use special equipment. If the factory does not possess the necessary tools, they are provided by FBAHELP.

Inspection guidelines with detailed product description, characteristics and functions are very important for this kind of inspection.

Mobile accessories quality control inspection includes the following steps:

Overall workmanship assessment

  • Thorough examination for any external defects.
  • Identifying conformity/non-conformity of the product’s material quality, colors and dimensions in comparison with the reference sample.
  • Examination of the packaging quality, verification that all the necessary labels, signs and barcodes are present.

Functionality test

  • Input and output voltage measurements of the chargers.
  • Sound quality examination of headphones and portable speakers.
  • Power and range of Bluetooth connection.
  • Battery capacity and charging speed .

Thorough function checks are essential, because performance flaws are usually systemic in nature. So, if two items out of ten have functional defects, the overall defect rate among 100 items may be around 20%.

We provide all quality control inspections in China in LIVE mode. You will be able to communicate with the inspector via a messenger application and receive photos and videos showing the appearance, functionality and packaging of the goods in real time.


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