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Quality control LIVE: Interact with a professional inspector, don’t read a boring report

We perform all Quality Control inspections for Amazon sellers in LIVE mode, enabling direct communication between the client and the inspector.

What problems do most Amazon sellers face when dealing with Chinese suppliers?

  1. The “Cha bu duo” (差不多) concept – “almost the same” or “good enough”

It is one of the distinctive traits of Chinese mentality. It basically implies cutting corners to get something done faster or cheaper.

This prevailing attitude is one of the factors why China is lacking the same quality standards as the Western countries have. That applies, in particular, to cosmetic defects, which are often deemed insignificant or even ignored altogether.

  1. “Cha bu duo” defects can appear during any production stage

It is next to impossible to foresee them, especially without being present at the factory. These defects, if discovered by customers, can easily result in poor reviews on Amazon.

  1. Poor English language skills in China

 It seriously complicates communication with suppliers and often leads to all kinds of spelling mistakes on the packaging or the product itself.

How can direct communication with the inspector during a Quality Control check help you avoid these problems?

Objective assessment of the product
  • Opportunity to examine the product in detail

On your request the inspector will send you photos of the product from any angle and provide detailed feedback. Thus, you will receive full information about the quality and characteristics of the product in Real Time.

This approach minimizes the likelihood of overlooking any defect during the inspection.

  • Flexible inspection model

Our inspector will identify the root causes of defects and find the best ways to eliminate them.

You can focus on any detail and adjust the inspection process depending on the situation.

  • European attitude to product quality

Our inspector will evaluate the product from the buyer’s perspective and provide the first detailed review about it. In this way you will be able to address any problem with the product before it goes on sale.

Elimination of any specific defect your customers complain about

The inspection is performed with your remote presence. Our inspector will guide you through the factory, showing you the manufacturing process, the state of production lines, quality of the materials used.

This will allow to identify and eliminate the causes of any specific defect.

Negotiations with the supplier

Our inspectors perfectly understand all your quality requirements and will make them clear to the supplier. It greatly facilitates negotiations, resulting in prompt and effective solutions for any situation.

What is more, the inspection is basically performed in the “partners meeting” format. It allows you to develop relations with the supplier, improve the quality of subsequent orders, and possibly even reduce the costs.

As a result, direct communication with the inspector during the QC check creates a range of unique opportunities:

  • Possibility to visit any factory in China without leaving your own office.
  • Detailed information about the quality of the product in Real Time, without having to wait for the report.
  • You can negotiate with the supplier all the details concerning correction of defects during the inspection.

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