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Quality control in China

Consumer electronics inspections require a particular approach due to their specific nature. FBAHELP has developed a highly effective quality control method, based on the following factors.

  • In addition to external defects examination, electronic devices must undergo thorough functionality tests for compliance between claimed and actual characteristics.For example, USB Flash drives are subject to download and upload speed tests. Inspection of electric kettles includes water boiling time measurements, as well as checks for foreign smells during operation.Security cameras with motion sensors are inspected in the following way: the inspector plugs them in an empty room and then triggers the motion sensors. After that he checks the footage from each camera for picture quality.
  • Consumer electronics inspections usually require special equipment (ammeters, voltmeters, hipot testers, luminometers, special stands, etc.). In case the factory does not possess the necessary tools, they are provided by FBAHELP.
  • Thorough function checks, though time-consuming, are essential for electronic products inspection, because performance flaws are usually systemic in nature. On the other hand, the inspection of 5-10% of the items from the batch is generally enough to draw a conclusion about the overall quality of the goods.
  • It is highly desirable that you send us inspection guidelines, stating all the important points to pay attention to (product specifications, functions, design, packaging, etc.). Otherwise, the inspector acts according to our standard inspection algorithm and common sense.
  • In case you are aware of certain potential issues with the product, the inspector will pay special attention to them during the inspection and investigate their causes.

In addition, the shipment is checked for full compliance with Amazon FBA requirements.


FBAHELP performs all quality control inspections in LIVE mode via WeChat application. You will be able to communicate with the inspector and receive all audio, photo and video data in real-time. Thus, you will have full control over the whole process and be aware of the real state of affairs with your goods.

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