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Textile and garment inspection

Textile and garment quality control inspection services in China, provided by FBAHELP

Textile and garment quality control is one of the most common inspection types in China. It must be noted, that the average defect rates in Chinese textile industry are considerably higher than in other major production branches, such as consumer electronics, household goods, and so on.

There main reasons are:

  • Textile manufacturing is a less automated process, involving a lot of manual work. This inevitably leads to higher defect rates.
  • The defects in textile and garment manufacturing are mostly cosmetic, not affecting product functionality. Chinese factory workers often tend to ignore such defects, following the Chà bu duō principle. It is a prevailing attitude in Chinese mentality, which basically implies cutting corners to get something done faster and cheaper.

It is highly desirable that you send us inspection guidelines, stating all the important points to pay attention to (design, colors, type of material, sizes, necessary labels, etc). In case we do not receive guidelines from you, the inspector acts according to our standard algorithm and common sense.

Textile and garment inspection includes the following steps:

Overall workmanship assessment: evaluation of stitching, accessories (zippers, buttons, buckles), design elements (beads, embroidery, glass stresses), extraneous odors check.

Finishing quality assessment: compliance with the client’s specifications, fabrics strength, print and dye quality.

Labeling: The presence of all the required labels with the necessary information (country of manufacture, type of material, etc).

Checking for flaws and defects: skipped stitching, puckering effect, stains, dirt, etc.

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